Techfrica Launches App Store For African Developers

Techfrica one of Africa’s Fastest growing start up Technogly company have created an App store to fill the void of Africans not having there own App store.

It is called Appsfrica App Store which is also the name of there Mobile App Development company.

The App store will showcase millions of African and African Diadpora developers and there Apps.

It also allows developers to sell there app or offer for free download and developers can choose a service they offer to showcase there app with there own dedicated landing page instead of getting there own site to do so.

On Appsfrica Mobile App Store. The developer can submit there app with there APK files, if they want App just to be and downloaded from only AMAS or include other links from other App stores which members can click on to go to that destination.

If they would like a personal Showcase Landing Page they will also send there App details, photos for sliders, biography of App and Developers, Videos if any and a dedicated landing page will be developed for them for a low yearly fee.

Appsfrica store also offers other features for mobile app design and development including app promotion and marketing.

This is some exciting times for African Technolgy especially mobile Apps as there is now a home and destination for African developers and there Apps.

From Africa to the African Diaspora welcome home to Appsfrica Mobile App Store where you and your App are welcome, showcased, Promoted and giving a place to shine, connect, collaborate and possible earn income.